• A Little Intimate History of the Wedding Ring

    Have you ever wondered why you put a finger on each other while saying I DO out loud? We decided to enlighten you in case you don’t know, but also remind you if you have it somewhere in the back of your mind… Because repetition est mater studiorum, as the old Romans would say, who […]

  • Tips on Jewelry Cleaning

    Enjoying your accessories every day has its toll – they tend to lose their shine and/ or get that “please clean me already” look. Keep in mind that it is extremely important to know the exact material your necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings are made of. Depending on the type of the jewelry and material […]

Because we all know it’s the accessories that really count.

About Us

Amber Jewelry Direct is a dream come true of two high school best friends. Back in the mid-90s, filling out notebooks with fashion and dreaming of the perfect amber engagement ring – themed drawings while rocking to Nirvana after classes was our thing. With a little practice and a lot of passion over the course of time – we are proud to introduce you to our jewelry line today.

Three Of Our Services

Wedding rings

Unique Jewelry Pieces

When it comes to our jewelry lines and what other designers have to offer – we try to be as distinct as possible. Our combination of materials, as well as the shapes we introduce into our ornaments,  are truly one of a kind.

Wedding Bands and Rings

Let us have the honor to be a part of the most magnificent day – and part! – in your life. Have a look at our catalog, pick a piece that speaks to you and wear it proudly while tying the knot with your loved one.

Custom Made Designs

If you still happen not to find the perfect ornament for yourself or your special someone, give us a hint or come and design it yourself with our little help and suggestions.


  • Claire M.

    Claire M.

    “The girls are amazing, it was so much fun designing our wedding rings with them! They took into consideration our ideas but also gave advice when we would tell them something that wouldn’t really work out regarding the materials or design.”
  • Samantha C.

    Samantha C.

    “My youngest daughter turned 16 last month. It was her wish to get something from Amber Jewelry. Not only did she get a unique pair of earrings, but we also got a discount as we visited on the exact day of her birthday! I wish the girls all the success in the world for the future.”
  • Mark E.

    Mark E.

    “What’s a better anniversary gift for your significant other than designing something for them by yourself?! After all, you know them best, and you want to give them something as special as they are. Thanks, Amber Jewelry, we’ll be back!”

Jewelry Design

Our main inspiration when designing pieces for you comes from nature. The warmth of sun rays, the strength of the ocean waves, the lush life in leaves – we try to represent that freshness in our products’ shape and form.

Custom jewelry design

Why Hire Us

If you like standing out in the crowd, being different, having your own say in the world full of copies and copycats – come and let’s have a chat with us. We are extremely passionate about making jewelry and accessories, but we appreciate our customers even more.

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