About Us

Because we all know it’s the accessories that really count.

About Us

Maddie Brown and Ava Klein are the core and soul behind Amber Jewelry. They met in high school in the nineties. Ava transferred from another school due to her parents’ work and fairly frequent moving across the state so friendships were brief and never as deep as she would’ve liked. That all changed one day when the petite blonde sat down next to Maddie on an art class. The two instantly clicked and as they say, the rest is history.

 The artsy talent these two always had hadn’t gone unnoticed. Their art teacher Caroline encouraged them to pursue their passion and dreams despite others telling them that the fashion industry is unforgiving and, most of all, insecure. Their parents gave their all to convince them that any other option is a better option regarding income and stable jobs, putting food on the table and paying taxes.

However, where there is a will, there is also a way. Amber Jewelry Direct is the result of these endeavors and proof that sometimes you need to take a leap of faith in order to create a life others only dream of.

The non conventional design, as well as the hypoallergenic materials, quickly conquered the hearts of independent and authentic young women across the state and farther. The brand continues to grow and widens its already lengthy list of jewelry pieces.  

Amber Jewelry Direct proudly celebrates its 20th birthday next year and looks forward to many more to come, anticipating to see what the future has in store and breaths as passionately as the very first day it was born.